Newfoundland Cruise Revisited! – Alcohol Smuggling

We have received your emails about how we were able to bring in our alcohol on our cruise back in February.

Well first let’s explain….You see more often than not, cruise ships have a strict alcohol policy. These alcohol policies do differ according to the country under which the ships are. For instance, in England, liquor is served only to persons above the age of 18 while in the US, some cruise ships may allow up to two bottles per cabin. However, it is possible to sneak liquor into the cruise ship without being caught. These possible methods require some guts to do them.

  1. a) The Rum runner bottle technique: The use of rum runner flasks is one of the surest methods of smuggling booze into cruise ships since they can pass through the x-ray machines without being detected. These plastic flasks are quite inexpensive and you can part with as little as $9.50 for one flask or $29.90 for a six pack. One only needs to fill up to eighty percent of each of the bottles and squeeze out any air. Air is squeezed out to avoid bubbling that might make the ship crew suspicious when shaken.

After completely sealing the flasks, these flasks are kept in the traveler’s suitcase. They should be stashed between soft items such as clothes and near other toiletries. It would be an advantage if you have several suitcases since if the bottles in one of the bags are found, the others in other suitcases are likely not to be found. It should be noted that the rum runner flasks should never be carried in carry-on bags as they are likely to be confiscated.

  1. b) The mouthwash/ shampoo bottle technique: This method is quite effective since no one would suspect that booze can be carried in mouthwash or shampoo bottles since these products are quite basic and every sailor is most likely to have them in their packing bags. It’s pretty much the best way to hide alcohol You are required to buy a bottle of mouth wash or shampoo, empty its contents and wash it thoroughly. After drying the bottles, you can fill them with your preferred drink of choice. If you have transparent shampoo bottles in which colored shampoos were packed, you need to add food coloring of the same color to your liquor. The downfall of this technique is the fact that some of these bottles may transfer the tastes of their initial contents to your booze.

Alternatively, you can buy ‘shamp-booze bottles’ from shopping stores such as the amazon which will not contaminate your liquor with such funny tastes. However, they can be suspected if seen by the ship crew but will safely pass the x-ray detection machines.

  1. c) The water bottle technique: This is the most common method and merely requires water bottles whose cap seals are still intact. To have the caps intact, you can submerge a water bottle in boiling water and have the seal taken off using another water bottle. Once the water bottle has cooled off, put the liquor in the bottle and replace the cap carefully. The bottle cap being intact needs to obvious, since opened bottle caps may raise suspicion and can easily be confiscated and thrown away. We love sneaking drinks into a concert using this method.

With these alcohol techniques in mind, you can avoid the event of sailing without booze. You can sneak alcohol into the ship and later have fun with friends.

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