My First Cruise From Newfoundland

So my wife is an avid traveler. She is someone who just thinks about traveling all day everyday. We just came back from Cancun, Mexico and we stayed at the RIU Palace there. I had such a great time, I got a sunburn, swam, fed the crocodiles, and went to the downtown area. I recommend it if you decide to go on a vacation as this is the most fun I have had in such a long time (20 years). So now only two months later we are back at it, we are going on a cruise.

We were looking at a Miami to the Bahamas or even Puerto Rico cruise, but we just saw the Caribbean. We live up by Burlington, Vermont so we decided let’s go to Canada. I know as an American those are the forbidden words laughing out loud. So regardless, we decided to go. We packed our bags and headed up to Canada. We wemt all the way from Montreal to Newfoundland and it only took about three hours. We landed in St. John’s were the Cruise lines are and we bought our tickets. No we didn’t buy in advance, we bought them there.

You can usually get cheaper tickets that way if you don’t take a really popular cruise, sometimes it is around half the price. So my wife is a heavy drinker like me and we love to party. We didn’t worry about alcohol until we bought our tickets. We were informed that the cruise doesn’t allow alcohol of any kind unless it is purchase inside the cabin. I was furious! I knew how the prices are jacked up so I started to Google. I looked for the best way to sneak alcohol or booze on a cruise ship, but I couldn’t find anything. I kept searching though, not giving up I found

They have these flasks that are undetectable and are used to get past security and you end up having a cruise of your lifetime. So I purchased them and personally called the gentleman in charge (his number is in the contact page), he assured me he would have my package to me in one day. We had two days until the cruise was scheduled to take off – I was excited! In literally 18 hours I received my product and I felt like a kid let me tell you.

I filled up all of the flasks like instructed, placed them into my luggage at the bottom, and then proceeded to get on the cruise. So I’ll admit I was a bit nervous. However, I shouldn’t have been, they didn’t check my luggage, they just scanned it and told me to come get it. I swear that cruise was the best ever! I think I wasn’t sober for even one hour of that cruise. So my wife and I went to New York from the cruise and then we traveled from New York to Vermont. Now¬† we are planning our next trip which I think will take us someone in Europe, I have been wanting to visit that place. Until next time my friends, I’ll add another post in a few weeks after we travel to Europe so keep a watch out.

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